Sustainable Greenhouse Solutions enables growers to produce 365 days a year
with an improved yield and competitive growing costs

Sustainable Greenhouse Solutions

  • Polyethylene based greenhouse enclosure with more heat insulation than double-pane glass

  • Enclosure material with light diffusion properties providing a 25% increase in yield

  • The cooling system that can cool 20⁰C from the ambient temperature at 80% less energy cost than conventional refrigerant-based cooling and lower humidity

  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA)

  • Air distribution ducts for uniform temperature distribution and consistent airflow

  • Microbial filters preventing microbes from entering the house

  • 80% less water consumption compared to conventional greenhouses

Sustainable Greenhouse benefits

  • 365 days growing

  • Enables agriculture summer in GCC to take advantage of the seasonal pricing

  • Competitive growing cost than conventional greenhouse agriculture

  • Improved SqMtr yield compared to conventional greenhouse agriculture

  • Improves health & quality of vegetation

  • Comes at a lower capital investment compared to vertical farms and refrigerant-based greenhouses


Containers, rooms and warehouses turned into highly efficient growing environments

Vertical farm features

  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA)

  • Containers, rooms and warehouses turned into highly efficient growing environments

  • Specialized growing racks that can produce up to 180 kg per SqMtr of leafy greens.

  • Improved cooling system to conserve energy costs

  • Automated Irrigation System with UV filters for water reuse

  • System customized to fit your growing space

Sustainable Greenhouse benefits

  • 365 days growing

  • High SqMtr yield – One 40-foot container can produce up to 1.5 acres of land

  • 100% Pesticide-free vegetables

  • Grow locally and reduces transportation

  • Controls price volatility

  • 90% less water

  • 80% less fertilizer

  • 60% less labor


Signify Horticultural Lighting

  • Science–based lighting recipes to boost yield and plant performance Global team of application engineers & plant specialists Innovative provider of greenhouse lighting applications, systems, and software Energy saving benefits. Read more

Philips aquacultural lighting

  • Adjustable LED technology allows you to create specific lighting conditions to optimize aquatic environments as fish develop
    Philips LED solutions improve feed conversation rates, limit sexual maturation, and lower parasite infestations
    Philips LED solutions support the development of sustainable aquaculture. Read more

Animal Centric Lighting

  • Philips Nature Dynamics and Once Innovations Unlock the extraordinary potential of light by adapting and adjusting light wavelengths that contribute to animal well-being Read more



Cooling system features

  • 20⁰C reduction in temperature from ambient

  • Fresh Air system

  • Non-refrigerant-based cooling

  • Can be used as precoolers or supplementary cooling for chillers

  • Wide application and ideal for large space and open space cooling

  • Inbuilt microbial filters

  • BMS controlling options

  • Touch screen and remote-control options

Cooling system benefits

  • 80% lower energy costs

  • 100% Fresh Air cool outside air

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Lower capital investment compared to chillers

  • Able to cool large and open space cost-effectively

  • Provides 4 times better cooling than pad and fan systems in poultry and greenhouses with lower humidity

  • Protection from diseases

  • 25+ years life of the product

  • Low maintenance cost

Greenhouse covering materials

  • Strong and shatter proof greenhouse covering protects against wind and snow.

  • Solexx™ greenhouse panels diffuse the light throughout the greenhouse for optimal plant growth.

  • The double-walled insulated greenhouse material helps hold in the heat.

  • 10-year limited UV warranty

RoofTop Farm

  • Climate controlled growing space for 365 days growing

  • 7.5kg of vegetables per day for 50 growing space

  • Healthy vegetables through pesticide free growing

  • Daily harvesting

  • Reduced labor through automatic Irrigation and nutrition


  • Enjoy the outdoors at your home’s comfort


  • Hydroponic growing systems

  • Improved atmospheric control allowing you to grow in the harshest of climates at low energy costs.

  • Automated irrigation system with 90% water saving

  • UV water disinfection enables water reuse

  • Patented greenhouse enclosure that has higher heat insulation than double pane glass

Innovative Engineering for Enhanced Performance

Cooling system with duct distribution system

  • 20 deg temperature reduction from ambient

  • Energy efficient – 80% less energy than conventional cooling systems

Polyethylene based greenhouse enclosure

  • More Heat Insulation than Glass

  • Light Diffusion – 20-30% yield increase

  • UV protection & no yellowing & long life

  • 15+ years life


  • Guaranteed production 365 days of the year

  • 100% pesticide free produce

  • Enjoy outdoor during summer

  • Savings through reduced growing price

  • 90% less usage of water compared to traditional agriculture

  • 80% less use of fertilizer with no runoff loss

  • 60% less labor requirement


Produce Options

Produce Options